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Andy Baillie

Andy Baillie Andy's car

Andy Baillie is a hard man to describe. This is not due to the fact that he is very Scottish and as such speaks with an accent that almost noone south of Carlisle can understand. He described himself as "retired, just doing my own thing". I believe this to be a slight understatement. He is the Scottish importer for Redline products (Redline make fluids for vehicles e.g. Octane Booster, Injector cleaner, Water "wetter" - work that one out !) and also Scottish importer for Air Flow products ( Battery conditioners, Car "Bubbles" etc ) & I hear is still actively involved in a couple of car accessory shops. That would be enough for most people, but not for Andy. He is also a qualified racing instructor & spends some of his days being driven round various UK race tracks by the general public. ( A very brave man I feel ).
Andy's main interest lies however in Road rallies and he is currently building a frogeye for this purpose.
He only drove with us for one year in 2000 & from the begining stated that he wanted to concentrate on his Frogeye/rallying. However in this brief year he & his wife ,Alison, made a large impression on the FISC guys & they were always welcome guests to any conversation. True to their characters he and Alison attended every race that year, making short european holidays of each outing. ( I believe they even had to get passports for the first times in their lives to do this !).
Andy has been involved in various forms of motorsport for well over 20 years now & He told me a story of his active road rallying days in a frogeye in snowy conditions. Apparently he managed to break a halfshaft ( Can't imagine that !) & had the rear end of the car up in the air checking it out, when a member of the public drove past. He stopped & asked what the problem was, then explained that he lived locally, had a frogeye in his garage & Andy was welcome to borrow the halfshaft. Andy was taken to the garage, the halfshaft was removed. Andy was then driven back to his rallycar by the halfshaft owners wife & repaired the car at the roadside. Apparantley the worst thing was looking for the wheel nuts which had been warm & had melted their way through the snow. He finished the rally & returned the halfshaft.
Other interests ( there are more ??) in Andy's life are his MG TD & Vellocette motorcycle
Andy would like to thank Alison for looking after the "inner man". But judging by his age, appearance & activities she seems to be doing a good job of the "outer man" as well !

Andy's Car
A standard Midget silhouette. Andy has known the car for over 10 years and owned it for about 12 months. It has been a competition car since Andy has known it, but not used very often. Until Andy owned the car it was only used for sprints & hill climbs. ( so you could say "Never raced or rallied" !) The car is fully road legal & has a current UK MOT. It doesn't quite have the power some of the other FISC cars have I believe the block is only bored to 1293 cc ( Most of us run 1380's) it does however have a weber carb. It also has a normal road going gearbox. However the car does have a lot of potential. The car has mostly steel pannels with the exceptions of the the hard top, bonnet (Hood) & Boot (trunk). This makes the car still legal for some other race series. The hard top used to have a sunroof in it, which Andy has removed & replaced with an aluminum pannel. The pannel is painted with a St. Andrews cross (what else !) which makes this car looks like a helicopter landing pad from the sky.
Since writing the above, Andy has sold the car.
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