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Conrad Bos

Tony Davis/Conrad Bos' 2002 car

From birth, MGs and particularly motorsport have been part of Conrads family life, having parents whose idea of a family holiday was doing the recce for their next European rally with the family in the back, Conrad had little choice.

His first on-circuit experience was at the age of 3 in 1968 @ Zandvoort, 5 up in the family MGB .

However the revelation in his life was stumbling across Spa whilst alone one very wet October night. The barriers between the main road and the circuit were easily pushed aside after midnight back in 1986. The next two hours sealed Conrads fate as a passion became an addiction.
His first race was 1988 in a Midget (He has raced nothing else) it was Ian Whitt's first race too, they qualified alongside each other near the back, and have been close friends and rivals since. Peter Hiley won that race , Jasper Bardon and Nick Rose were there as well.
Along with many other Midget racers he was fortunate enough to have his first race at Spa in 89. In those days the entries of standard Midgets were so big that he had to qualify just to get on the grid.
Conrad has never won anything more than a Pheonix class and never higher than second in Halfords unless you count a Halfords class C @ Spa.

The only big accident he has had was after having been hit in the side by a spinning car, he was left stranded at the bottom of Paddock Hill facing the on coming traffic. The entire field passed either side of him until the last car hit him head on at unabated speed. The engine was 'snapped-off' the gear box which itself was moved 4" back, So Conrad knows the benefits of a strong car.
The race was stopped which gave Peter Hiley the opportunity to put his car back on its wheels (nobody had noticed he had rolled at the same time) and go on and win the restart.

Conrad claims to tried to stop racing by getting married to Jane, moving to Suffolk, having children, Oliver b1996 and Isabel b1998 and even persuing sailing & skiing but he can't give it up.

He says "I don't have the will (or the skill) to win, but I have to race, to be part of it and to balance on the edge a bit. I think the FISC package is simply the best thing in motorport today, not only the value for money nor the quality of the circuits and driving, but the way the Spridget Paddock & Cafe brings everyone together as a party of 'gentlemen sportscar racers' travelling Europe in the memory of my heros of 50s & 60s."

To pay for all this fun, Conrad is the MD of Bosta UK a subsiduary of the Dutch owned Mega Valves Group which wholesales pipes valves and fittings to industry and agriculture throughout Europe, and so has only had time for a few races as a FISC guest in recent years.
Conrad's Car

Those of you who know Conrad, will know that that is not is regular car shown above.
If his plans come to fruition, his green & white UK class C car with its sticky tyres and twin SUs etc will be rested.

It would make a perfect buy for someone just wanting to race in the UK, having won (in the hands of others) both the Phoenix & Cockshoot Championships.

Tony Davis, a Midget racer himself and a professional MG/Healey restorer in Conrads home town of Bury St. Edmunds, has kindly (outrageously) offered to lend him his latest creation. Tony is coming to the races so you can check out his sanity.
Tony is 75% through building a full FISC spec white Frogeye, original profile with blue hardtop. He wants to see if he can build something as fast as anyone else and I want to see if a weber and an LSD can get Conrad higher than the top 6 that the sticky tyres gave him at Spa & Snetterton in 2001.
Tony & Conrad will develope the car through the year, but since Conrad doesn't want to bend someone elses precious metal, he claims he'll be driving at a steady process at nine tenths.
I'm sure this will change as soon as the lights go green !!

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