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Andrew Cameron

No pic of Andrew yet The Camerons Lovely Speedwell Sprite

Andrew's first year with FISC was/is 2003. His father Allan is also racing with FISC.
Andrew competed in the 2002 National BARC Austin Healey Club Championship in the Speedwell Sprite shown above. Being the only 1 litre car in the Championship success was hard to come by, but at the 50th Anniversary (2002), he won the 1 litre class in the Donald Healey Memorial Sprite Race.
This was his first season of racing since 1991 when he was racing a Cadet Kart at the age of 9.
Andrew says "I still have a lot to learn..." ( yeh , like how to come 2nd ! ).

Andrew's Car
This lovely looking 1959 Austin Healey Speedwell Sprite was built in 1990 by his father,Allan , to a race standard and was succesfully raced in the mid 90's. It has a 998cc powerplant.
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