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Stéphane Chassaing

Stéphane Chassaing Stéphane's Car

Stéphane has been racing with the FISC cars for a number of years now. He is one of the French drivers in the series and spends much of his time with the other French guys. I like him and have always found him to be happy & friendly. Unfortunatley due to language difficulties we haven't spent much social time with another.
I do however know that if I went into a bend next to Stéphane we'd both come out in one piece and that puts him in my good books.
Stéphane's Car

Always immaculately turned out, this Midget is supported by Rae Davis . It is the Yellow car on the right above.
Stéphane sold the car to Alan Pettit in 2002.

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