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Ernst DaniŽl

Ernst DaniŽl's car ( ex-Carel Küthe)

The following text was written by Ernst & translated from Dutch.
I'm Ernst DaniŽl 47 years old/young, married, 2 kids. They are not interested in racing. I have raced (motor cross) for 12 years, 8 years of which where at a national level. Mostly my wife was present, but found my driving too enthusiastic. Don't worry, I am an old man now with an old car.

I have run my own boat business for 27 years, but still have not found the time for my second passion!

Ernst's Car

Ernst has bought Carel Küthe's car ( an Ex-Peter May car). I hear the cream sections have been repainted yellow. ( new pictures as soon as I've seen the car)

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