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Rae Davis

Rae Davis with or without baseball cap One Of Rae's cars

Rae Davis is another FISC "Driver" I could write pages on, but I won't. That's not because he is boring far from it !!
I am lucky to have a picture of Rae without baseball cap, did you guys know he's bald ?? Click on the picture above to see.
Or click on the following picture to read what the Paces racing guide had to say about Rae in 1981.
Rae's history
I think Rae is still wearing the same baseball cap nowadays. I hope he has different hobbies though !
Rae was one of the partners of Motobuild, a UK based MG specialist firm. This firm has been fully taken over by his brother and Rae has started a new firm "GB Performance". Unfortunately Rae doesn't yet have an internet site however contact details are at the bottom of this screen.
I don't actually remember Rae driving with us but I do know that he pays for a place. So in effect he is sponsoring the series. Many Thanks for that one Rae.

Rae's Cars

Another one where I don't know where to start.
Pictured above is one of the cars I know belong to Rae. I think he also owns a couple of other cars that regularly run in the FISC race series. Rae supports a number of cars running in the series and has a pretty good "replacement" policy. Whilst your car is being worked on you can use a "Davis replacement car". These are not slow as shown when Jean-Michel Guermonprez qualified in pole at Le Mans with a "replacement car".
Rae supports cars belonging to Antonio Bertini, Stéphane Chassaing, Stéphane Devoucoux, Jean-Michel Guermonprez, Norman Sailer and Harald Sailer

Contact details
Rae Davis
GB Performance
P.O.Box 202
TW16 6XX
Tel/Fax : + 44 1932 882 305 ( UK 01932 882 305)
Mobile : + 44 7801 631854 ( UK 07801 631854)

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