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Rupert Douglas-Pennant

Rupert Douglas-Pennant Rupert's car

Rupert started driving with the FISC Cars in 1999 and lost the Drivers standings by 1 point in that year. He also lost the 2000 season by 1 point, the winner ( Dave Shannon ) only winning with a 0.28 second lead, got on the last lap of the last race. Rupert is quick !
I know that Dave & Rupert are good friends though, as was recently shown when Dave "mechanicked" for Rupert during a 24 hour race on the Nordschleife.
Another good guy. I would happily go into a bend next to Rupert (If I was good enough !) He does not win races/places by being aggresive & intimedating drivers, he simply drives round them !!
The picture above shows that despite regularly either having first or second place Rupert still enjoys beating the rest of us mortals (& showing us the results sheets !)
Rupert & his wife Caroline had a baby girl at the end of the 2000 season, and I believe (as it should be), this has restricted Ruperts racing activities slightly.

Rupert's Car

The car is maintained by Bill (sorry Mate I don't know your surname). The entire budget seems to be spent on the mechanics. It must be because the car is bloody quick. (Quickest car in the 2000 season ) It does not belong to the shiny paint car club, in fact I have never seen this car being washed or polished. It is an open Square wheel arched Midget with a Lenham Bonnet.

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