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Chris Evans

Chris Evans Chris's car

Mid-2000 Chris & his wife decided to take up some hobbies, He chose racing and his wife flying. At least she can't complain about his hobby costs, cars are cheaper than airplanes!
Having completed a season of UK racing, Chris has been tempted to see what FISC is all about, whilst continuing with his UK championship in 2002, he first tried Spa & then signed up for a further 2 FISC races in the 2002 season.
Both the car and driver are a little slow, (the driver is starting to improve). - Chris's words - not mine
Chris' first race (only 8 days after the racing test) was in pouring rain, He started and finished last and spent the whole race laughing to himself.
He says :- "I was unable to believe I was on a racetrack. Even better were the Silverstone 2001 races"

Chris' Car
1965 MG Midget.
The previous owner had the car restored from a shell in 1992 as a road car. Various changes and upgrades turned the car into a Hillclimb/sprint car to MGCC Cockshoot race regs.
Chris purchased the car at the end of the 2000 season and has raced it without changes in the MGCC Cockshoot Championship.
The engine conforms to the UK regulations (1330cc mild cam, and twin SU) with standard gearbox and diff. Hence it is far below the allowed FISC specification.

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