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David Gathercole

David Gathercole David's car

David has raced in & supported the series for a number of years.
He usually wins when he races. ( Don't you just hate those guys !) And I have to say is one of the nicest blokes I have had the pleasure of dealing with. I say deal with because David prepares & build race cars for a living.
I remember once when I had spun on a warm up lap at SPA I started from the back of the grid, Davids was the car ahead of me. I just tucked in behind him & followed him for the race. David finished 2nd & I finished 4th. He had fastest lap & I had 2nd fastest. It was the best driving lesson I have ever had. Many Thanks David. The Cheque is in the post !

David's Car
A standard Fogeye/Bugeye sillouette. I actually used a picture of Davids car to create the frogeye sillouette you can see driving across the front of the International Spridget Competitions banner. David has always claimed that his car was "nothing special, just thrown together from the bits I had lying around". I think that has to be taken with a pinch of salt.
If you're not too late, this car is for sale. It may also be available for hire. See the "Arrive & Drive" page.

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