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David Gibson

David Gibson - His first spin ! David Gibson's car

David didn't start racing until 1983 when he joined the grid for the MGCC Sprite/Midget Challenge, the forerunner of the Halfords/Fads Championship. Towards the end of 1984 he started to get his act together and after a late run of pole positions, fastest laps and finally three wins, he finished second place in the championship .

1985 got off to a flying start with a run of seven wins and five fastest laps out of nine races. It looked as though he had done enough to win the championship, so when David was offered a free drive in the new "Renault 5 turbo Cup" he jumped at the it, especially with the prospect of races in Europe. However, Peter Hiley also made the most of this and made off with the Sprite/Midget championship whilst David was playing with the Renaults! David says "If I had to choose anybody to let a championship go to it would have to be Peter, I learned a lot from him in those first few seasons particularly about slipstreaming and racing door handle to door handle!"

1985/86 was a steep learning curve, with sometimes just 1 sec. covering twenty or more places on the grid. Davids Renault championship stepped up a gear towards the end of 1986 with a few podium finishes, but really came together in 1987 with three wins including the prestigious "Europa Cup" at Estoril in Portugal.

1988 saw a switch to the "Honda CRX Challenge" and a disappointing year with just one win. At the end of which he retired after six years of great fun - four of them paid for by someone else!

David was persuaded out of retirement in 2000 by a good friend, driving a Mallock in the "Classic Clubmans Championship" with just one further win and a lap record from nine races, it brings us up to date.

In total 97 races and 16 wins (the second race at Spa 2002 should be Davids 100th race!) David says "As you can see it takes me eighteen months to get up to speed so I wont be expecting anything great in 2002 but I am looking forward to re-aquainting myself with Peter Hiley and getting to grips with a Spridget again."

David's Car
Most of you will recognize the picture above. David has bought Rupert Douglas-Pennants car. It is currently (before the 2002 season start) being prepared and having a hardtop fitted to match the Lenham front-end (including a coat of paint!) by David's original mechanic from 1983, Alan Jeffrey.

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