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Dave Grove
"Groovey Man"

Dave Grove Dave's car

Dave is an unknown quantity.
Although he drove with the series from its inception for about 5 years and despite his age he has yet to reach his full potential.
It is commonly thought that he is in fact a test driver for Mintex Brake pads, but this is not so. I think he actually enjoys driving with binding brakes. Whatever, he needs 3 people to push his car round the paddock. If he ever decides to solve his brake problem he will gain at least 3 seconds a lap !
Dave restores Austin Healeys, MG's and other British Sports cars professionally for a living.
Whilst racing at the Nordschleife, Dave managed to loose a wheel. I personally think he saw a deer in the woods, stopped & removed a wheel as an excuse (see below).
Recently Dave has been known to help out Rae Davis.
Other non-racing related hobbies include Bicycles & Ice Hockey (He plays for the local team - but due to his size I reckon he'd make a better puck than player !)
He is accompanied to every race by his girlfriend Anita.
Dave's Car
A standard Fogeye/Bugeye sillouette with a Pryde & Clark hardtop.
This car was almost completely destroyed over Xmas 1998 on a public road in the UK, when it was involved in an accident killing a deer.
Most people just buy a turkey for Xmas. It's much cheaper !

The car has been completely rebuilt & restored & is in close to perfect condition. It is completely steel (with the exception of the hardtop) and as far as I am aware it is the only FISC car that doesn't require any ballast weight to reach the required limit.
It is also the ONLY FISC car which is road legal & driven as a daily car ! This car is also one of the few cars running twin SU carbs & a "normal" road going gearbox.
All in All, if Dave decided to "get serious", he could have a very quick car on his hands. BUT. He is always there, always smiling & laughing.

Ultimately that is what its about !

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