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Mick Hopkins

Mick Hopkins - If he looks like an Extra from BRAVEHEART - it's mick !

Mick writes :-

"I started to race more years ago than I care to remember, my very first motorised transport was a bicycle with a small areo engine strapped to the forks, …it was not very successful, I had no money to go racing so would ride out to brands hatch and crystal palace, (that dates me) and bunk in through the fence, when I was old enough to ride a motor bike,….my mother banned me from owning one….so I bought a 650cc bsa……..Mother won so I sold it….i was offered a ride on an itom ? 50cc thingy at brands hatch, coming around clearways we were banging fairings with four abreast, this got my attention and I decided this Is dangerous so gave up, good job really mum was a bit suspicious she never knew bless her!"

"Then the army came along; I joined up and was into transport. Antars tanks 10 ton lorries etc etc, I was the chosen for the army ride master team, we would ride a series of test all over Germany, ….I got lost so….I thought circuit racing would be good , no maps needed!, so into kart racing, first with the small yet deceptively powerful 100cc direct drive karts then onto the bigger gearbox karts, this was really fun with a capital F ."

" It was just about then that I had an accident, (honest it really was the other guy's fault), this put me out of action for a couple of years and also out of a job!,,,,I then decide to go into single seater racing…………….wow a bit pricey!"

" I then stumbled onto the modern 500cc formula ……I bought one, this was more like it I did have some successes with it and ,,,claim to fame I won the very last race at pembrey then went to the isle of man to do a hill climb and was leading the field by a tenth when I threw it into the rocks at the side of the road. Ouch result three wheels knocked off, front suspension torn away, wings went as well but I was ok £1000 later all better so I sold it."

" Then young Johnson, the one with the very bright front end (the car not him) told me about midgets, (the cars not the people) so …yep I bought one…….it was slow…cramped…..noisy…bumpy….wouldn't handle like anything I had driven so far ……………but what fun ….and the people where so friendly…well most!, I joined the mgoc and did 2 seasons with them with some results the best was a win from the back of the grid at Zolder Another story (ask me when I have had a beer or two!) now I am into my third midget and still struggling to find the budget still enjoying it getting older with every day , 57 this year (2002) hoping for many more years of midget racing so keep up the good work and lets have loads of fun."
Mick Cars

Mick has driven a number of car with FISC over the years.

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