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David Johnson

David Johnson David Johnson's car

David's path to motorsport was unavoidable - he has the petrol gene that runs throughout the Johnson family deeply imbedded in his being. ( Father Ian Johnson is also a FISC racer. ) So as the moth is hopelessly drawn to the flame or a little bug is drawn to the freshly sprayed panel, David is in a Midget, ready to race.

His current position at Boodles limits the amount of time to "go racing". However, ably supported by his fiancé, Lisa, they hope to at least manage the Mini Tour. A past member of Boodles was of course Ian Flemming, who drew on the atmosphere of the Club to create James Bond. Is there enough atmosphere left to create a race winner - who knows?

David's Car
The car was borne out of the Johnson workshop on very much a budget, a 1275cc running on a single SU Carburettor, which will hopefully prove you don't have to spend a fortune to run mid-field and have fun. I think Mick Hopkins drove this car in the 2001 Spa World record attempt and it proved itself well !

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