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Phil Linfield

Phil's car

Phil started his racing 'career' in 1987 in the MGOC series, driving a midget.
He 'retired' due to mortgage/marriage in 1991, but as soon as that wore off, he was back, this time in of all things, an MG Metro!
My name is after a few fairly successful years, he found himself getting increasingly disappointed with British organising clubs, entry fees & circuit owners.
At this point he found out about FISC, liked what he saw & decided to build a car & come out to play....
He should have started his 2003 season at Spa, but due to work commitments wasn't able to finish the car on time. One month on, the car has at least run but wasnt quite done yet - but he promises to be at Monthlery, "probably still desperately trying to fit bits". (his words)

Phil's Car
The car itself is a 1965 Mk2 MG Midget in, as you can see from the picture, Iris Blue. He hopes it goes as well as it looks, but as the first time it will/did turns a wheel will be at the Monthlery race weekend in 2003!

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