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Andrew McGee

Andrews car
Andrews car in the middle

Andrew started racing at the age of 24, after spending 2 years building a car, to racing standard, from a wreck.

He is married to Jennifer and has 2 boys, Robert & Scott. He has managed to get himself into trouble with his wife on more than one occasion !

He spent the deposit for their first house on a new engine and the deposit for their second on completely rebuilding the car after a major startline crash at Mallory Park in a non-FISC race.

He has one race win to date which he attributes to Peter Hiley who shared his car at Silverstone in 2000. He has also achieved a number of second places in his class, mainly in 100 mile races organised by the Jaguar Car Club.

When he is not busy racing or annoying his wife, Andrew runs a successful design business, Treble 5 , in Huddersfield (UK), which he established in 1997. There is a link to the Treble 5 site from our Links Page

Andrews's Car
A standard Midget shape, The car has one of the more "interesting" paint schemes for a FISC car.

Rumour has it that, when described the paint scheme to Peter Hiley, Peter asked him if he really wanted to paint the car in "Shiney primer".

Currently (start of 2002 season) Andrew has only run as a guest driver with FISC. I believe he is building a new car to FISC regs. Does this mean he will be moving house again soon ?

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