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Max Tyler

No Pics yet ! No Pics yet !

Max started racing more years ago than he can (or wants to!) remember in an MG Midget and celebrates over 23 years of Midget ownership. He drifted away from MG racing into Thundersports, Sports 2000 ( I never saw him, he must have been WAY ahead of me ! - Steve) and Thundersaloon racing, then into kart racing.

He is returning to MGs ( in 2003 ) after a 10 year lay-off from car racing, punctuated only by some hillclimbs and sprints in a series of FWD MG saloons, culminating in an MG Montego Turbo.

Max is married with a young son & is desperately trying to get in as much racing as possible before his son realises that he can start karting at 8 years old.

He is currently employed in the motor sport industry through work at a kart centre and the family business

Max's Car
All I know is that the car was in hill-climb trim, just before the start of the 2003 season & the 1st engine blew before it even got on the track.
It sounds like Max is the perfect "FISCie"

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