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Steve Waddington
"Sideways Steve"

Steve Waddington Steve's car

Steve has been racing in the series since 1996. His first race was in Brands Hatch (UK) where he only spun twice!
He has not improved much since then. His main claim to fame is that he has spun at every race track he has driven at.
He spends more time cleaning the side windows than the front screen since these are the windows he uses the most.
Despite an obviously over active right foot he finished 8th & 9th in the series in 1998 & 1999 respectively.
Other hobbies include eating excesively & sleeping (also excesively).

Steve's Car
A standard Midget sillouette. He bought the car in 1996 & the first time he drove it was to the qualifying grid for his first race. The car was involved in a heavy impact at Assen in the last race weekend of 1999. (see pictures in the picture gallery). But despite the damage he managed to run it in the 2nd race of the weekend (thanks to Malcolm of Dave Shannons crew), where he qualified in 5th place. The car had a fibreglass rear end for the 2000 season, But following a heavy spin & crash at the end of the 2000 season, he will be returning with a new car for 2002.

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