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Ian Whitt

Ian Whitt Ian's car

Ian Whitt is not just a northern English bloke with a funny accent & no hair (I can say that because it perfectly describes me as well !). He is a husband & father of 2 kids & the only racing driver I have met who sleeps more than me !
Had he not been woken 45 mins before the start of the first race in Spa 2000, he may well still be sleeping. (Nothing to do with Belgian beer he says)
Ian's racing career began on Motorbikes (like John Faux) And had it not been for a bad accident at the Isle of Man he may never have started Spridget racing.
He has been racing Spridgets since 1988 & claims to have never been involved in a "bad accident", But admits to causing a 5 car pile up at Mallory Park in his early years. I'm not sure if this is good news or not !
He did however win first time out with the FISC cars in Spa a few years ago. Ian has driven with us since the series began as a guest driver but for 2000 is driving as a full time FISC member.
He has been acommpanied to all the races, I've seen him at, by his wife Joann & kids Alex & Abigail.

Ian's Car
A standard Midget silhouette. He claims the car is 'Nothing Special'. ????? You don't win with 'Nothing Special' Ian.
He is one of the few FISC cars to be running with Twin SU carbs & a normal road gearbox. He'd also like to thank his family, Drew,Tony, Fiona, Simon & Conrad. I have never owed that many people money Ian !
He damaged his engine in Spa at the first race weekend of 2000, but hopefully will get it repaired in time to drive the next race.
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