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Owner :
Location : UK, near Dover (Folkestone)
Details :Black FISC MG Midget
1973 midget
2004 grid 2nd at Zandvoort, 3rd at Clermont Ferrand
3rd overall 2003
All the right bits, potential championship winner with the right driver
Quaife LSD
2 sets minilite alloy wheels
Engine built by David Shannon (3 times championship winner
2 wheel trailer
Some spares including hard top

Steves notes :A great FISC race car.

Price :

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Owner :
Location : UK
Details :Class 'B' Midget Race car
Prepared to Andrew Actman Eyewear MG Midget Challenge Class B regulations (also suitable for FISC, Anglia Phoenix or Cockshoot Cup)


Peter May full race 1380cc engine
Offset valve full race Longman Head
Weber 45 DCOE Carburettor
Aldon Ignition
High Torque Starter Motor
Regularly tuned on rolling road for maximum performance

Body shell lightened/fibre glass panels
Resprayed at start of 2003 season

AVO Telescopic Dampers front & back (revalved for optimum handling)
Peter May triangulated front suspension
Adjustable Front Camber
New Rear Leaf Springs
Corner weighted & suspension set up by Andrew Tart Engineering

Big discs & 4 pot calipers on front
Rear drums

Straight Cut Close Ratio Gearbox
Lightened flywheel & big clutch

Wheels & Tyres
6" Wolfrace Alloy Wheels (x4) with new Avon Tyres (plus 2 spares)
6" Weller Wheels (x4) with brand new wets - unused

Sparco Evo race seat
Luke racing harness
Full roll cage with low door bar (for easier access)

Championship winner 2000
3rd in Championship with novice driver (me) in 2001
All 2nd & 3rd place finishes in 2003

Twin axle ex Lotus trailer
Wheel Rack
Spare Wheel

Steves notes :With some extra weight, smaller brakes & tyres, this car should be fully FISC legal.

Price :

Owner :
Location : UK
Details :FADS / Phoenix Class B Spec Car
Very Good Body, not damaged or dented,
Very Fast Gathercole Engine,
GRP front & rear ends,
Plumbed in Fire Extinguisher, etc etc,
Freshly painted in Bright Yellow (Which is the only reason the car is not put back together yet)
All the right bits needed to finish it off.
The running gear, engine, gearbox, etc are all in place & the rest of the car could easily be finished in 2 or 3 weekends.
I have not got the time or (more importantly) the money to go racing again for another 2-3 years & so am forced to sell my car.

Some spares available. E.g.
Gathercole roadgoing (Class C Spec ) complete engine.
2 Standard, but rebuilt gearboxes.
Several panels. (bonnets, bootlids, wings etc ) in fibreglass
A very big (10.5 Inch) set of front brakes, with calipers, wishbones, suspension etc
Several sets of wheels
some other general stuff

Price :

Owner :
Location : Frankfurt, Germany
Details :FIA Class E homologated Austin Healey Sprite 1960

Deutsch Breschreibung - Scroll down for an English description

Mehrfacher Klassensieger and German GTM Championship Winner 1999.

Kirsten 998 ccm approx 90 BHP unleaded
2002 ueberholt
Lichtmaschinenaufhaengung spezial
Oelfilter am Kottfluegel
Oelwanne gross
Kardanwelle gewuchtet
Alu-Kuehler mit Luefter (saugend)
Getriebe gerade verzahnt
Kabelbaum spezial
Bremsleitung innenliegend
Benzinleitung innenliegend
Zuendspule Lucas gold

Stabilisator verstaerkt
Radlager schraeg
Bremsbelaege spezial

Alu Bremstrommeln
Radlager spezial
Differential 4.8
Ersatzdifferential 4.5
Antriebswellen Rennversion

Aufnahmen hinten und vorne fuer stabile Felgen
5x Pirelli 165x70x13
4x Avon (Regen) 175x70x13 gebraucht

Renntank (Gummi mit Alukasten) ca. 34L
Catchtank integriert
Innenkottfluegel hinten Kunststoff
Alu-Bodenplatte rechts
Alu-Kottfluegel vorne (einscliesslich Abdeckung)
Motorraumabschluss Alu
Batteriekasten Alu
Armenturenbrett Alu-Rennversion
Ueberroll-Kaefig extrastabil
Renn- und Transportpersenning
Zeitmessung Box - Display im Auto

100 Km
Seilwinde elektrisch mit Batterie

English Details

Multiple Class winner & German GTM Championship Winner 1999.

Kirsten 998 ccm approx 90 BHP unleaded
Overhauled in 2002
Engine Steady bar
Special alternator bracket
Oil filter mounted on inner wing
Steel Crankshaft
Large sump
Balanced propshaft
Aluminium radiator & fan
Race Clutch
Straight cut gearbox
Special wiring loom
Brake & fuel lines run inside the car
Lucas gold coil

Front axle
Stiffer anti-rollbar
Aluminium hubs
Roller bearing
Brake discs
Special pad material

Rear axle
Aluminium Brake Drums
Special wheel bearings
4.8 Differential
4.5 spare diff.
Race halfshafts
Anti rollbar

5x Pirelli 165x70x13
4x Avon (Rains tyres) 175x70x13 used

Race fuel tank (Rubber tank in Aluminium saftey cell) approx. 7 Gall / 34L
Integrated catchtank
Rear inner arches are plastic
boot area seperated via a Firewall
Aluminium-floor on Right
Aluminium Front inner wings
Aluminium Battery box
Fibreglass bonnet
Fire extinguisher
Aluminium Race Dashboard
Extra strong full race cage
Race & Transport tonneau cover
Timing system ( In car display )

Twin Axle
100 Km allowed on German Autobahn's
Battery powered electric winch
Winch control via cable

Price :

Gerdo Schepel's racing bugeye

Contact :
Location :Holland
Details :1958 Mk I Sprite (Frogeye)
Unique and very fast 1958 Austin Healey Frogeye racer in superb condition, with 2 engines, which are are fully checked and have only been used carefully.
Built according to John Hopwood's specifications to meet FIA specs. The car was modifed to a racer & has been used on the track since 1995. It has only ever been raced by its owner Gerdo Schepel. The car is winner of many races & never crashed or seriously damaged.

Two superb running Race Engines are included in the sale.
One 1380 CC engine base built by Peter May, additional tuned by Carillo (Fisc Legal)
One 998 CC engine built by Race Spec UK to meet Fia specifications (FISC & FIA Legal)
Many, many Spare Parts
*For FIA races one set of Wire Wheels with original Dunlop Racetires are included,
also special front callipers to meet FIA Specs
*For FISC races Minilite wheels with Dunlop race tires are included
*Many other parts are included, i.e. spare diff, special axels, steel bonnet, glass fibre bonnet and special Sebring bonnet etc etc etc.

ENGINE #1 (FISC Legal)
Midget block bored 1380cc
Omega Pistons
Carillo con rods
EN16 Crank lightened,balanced,nitrided etc 2002 polished journals+new shells
Special racing cam and roller rockets cam followers
Race spec full race head
Longman valve springs valve springs and caps
Mini-spares head bolt set
lightened flywheel
Single 45 DCOE Weber on 7" Maniflow Inlet Manifold

Max 8000 RPM
Incl test reports showing 145 HP at wheels

ENGINE #2 998 CC (FISC & FIA Legal)
Midget block bored 998cc Omega Pistons
Carillo con rods
EN16 Crank lightened,balanced,nitrided
Special racing cam and roller rockets cam followers
Race spec full race head
Longman valve springs valve springs and caps
Mini-spares head bolt set
lightened flywheel
Double SU carbs Maniflow Inlet Manifold

Max 9500 RPM
Incl test reports showing 115 HP at wheels

Peter May Built SCCR gearbox,including special long 1st Knight Racing gears
AP racing A-ring 7.25" F3 clutch
Roller bearing thrust race
LSD 3.9 and 3.5 diff
for 1380 CC 6x13" Superlite alloys with Dunlop Racing Typres
For 998 CC 13” wire wheels

Racing shocks
Rose jointed additional top link
Camber adjustable Top Trunnion Bushes
Nylatron Wishbone Bushes
11/16" solid mounted antirollbar
Taper roller front hub bearings

Lowered 1/4 elliptics
Uprated lever arm shocks with rose jointed drop links
Rose jointed radius arms and Panhard rod

Dual Circuit
FRONT-9" Solid Discs,4-pot Princess calipers M1144 pads
REAR-Minifin drums,M20 linings,Metro slaves
Aeroquip flexibles


Foam filled 6 gall tank with sight gauge
Braided hoses, cleanable inline filter, adjustable pressure regulator

Original steel body (incl steel hood/bonnet)
Additional Glass Fibre Racing Hood (bonnet)
Tonneau cover
weight circa 580kg wet

Lumenition Electronic Ignition and rev limiter
Lucas Sports Coil
Rev Counter,Oil Pressure,Water Temp Gauges

OMP Eco FIA approved seat
Safety Devices 4-point 3" FIA Belts
Plumbed in Extinguisher

Steves notes :Gerdo ( or "Fred") Raced with FISC back in '96 & '97. The car was regularly in the top 5. The brakes would need to be "modified" back to standard to make it FISC legal car.
Price :

Sorry - No Pic available - Yet !

Contact :
Location : UK
Details :1968 Mk IV Sprite
1968 car with UK road registration Doc !
full fire Ex etc.
rebodied with all plastic panels, lightweight doors
Car fitted with serious anti-roll bar - standard soft one with it.
New Longman head, roller rockers, scatter cam
Sintered Clutch
Servo brake system
3 x diffs - 1x 4.2:1 LSD, 1 x 4.2:1 non-LSD, 1 x 3.9:1 non-LSD
electronic rev counter/shift light etc.
129 BHP at wheels - RED LINE rolling road figures

Spare - Brand New weber 45 DCOE (boxed )
Armstrong adjustable lever - arm shocks ( rare as rocking horse S**t !! & very desirable for FISC races ) - fully reconditioned - and never used since
Box of assorted A series junk - poss. Cooper S rods and other bits
Hot lap timing system complete
Soft anti-roll bar
Spare doors - original Sprite - stripped out prior to buying peter May lightweights
Complete PI system as fitted to MGF CUP car - throttle sensor, g sensor etc. - complete circuit mapping on P.C.
Quick lift jack
4 x Avon wets on revolution rims
4 x wolfrace alloys with road tyres

Steves notes :Nigel raced this car a few times in FISC races in the late 90's. It was very quick ! I haven't seen the car for a while, but it WAS FISC legal.
Price :

Owner :
Location : Belgium (about 25 Km from Spa)
Details :1964 MG Midget MK1
1098cc engine with Weber carb & straight cut gearbox ( no slip diff ) in good state.
With FIA papers.
RHD. Full Roll-cage.
Minilite-style wheels
Good fast road car needs preparation to race.

Benoît speaks French and a little bit of English.

Price :

Jim Gathercoles racing Midget

Owner :
Location : UK
Built by David Gathercole to FIA spec.
Using a HERITAGE all steel bodyshell
Multiple race winner in FISC and HSCC long distance events.
Example of performance ~ lap time of Spa 3min 7secs on Dunlop M section treaded tyres ~ one of the Barry Sidery Smith races.

Basic spec :
1293cc fitted ( 1380cc included) on twin 1.5" SUs ~ very effective!
Straight cut box and LSD.
ATL safety fuelcell.
Other spares included.

Car is based on 1968 Midget and has current V5 logbook.

Price :

Norman's race spriteNorman's car (on the right)

Owner :
Location : UK
Details :FISC Spec Sprite Mk II
Only raced twice in 2001 after a total mechanical rebuilt to latest FISC spec.
1380 cc "G.B.P." Top spec engine. Roller rockers, Alloy flywheel, 7 1/4" sintered metal clutch, 123 BHP at the wheels !
Jack Knight Dog Box.
3.9:1 "G.B.P." Limited slip diff., Competition halfshafts
Full brake re-build with new cylinders & Aeroquip, latest friction materials used.
Special competition rear springs, latest valved rear shocks, Nylatron bushes, Rose-jointed top radius arms & Panhard rod.
Competition front springs, new wishbone pans & King pin assemblies, Nylatron bushes & latest "G.B.P." Top trunions.
All other parts rebuilt or replaced e.g. rack & pinnion, wiring etc etc.

The car was unfortunately damaged at the end of the 2001 season requires the following repairs :-
Front chassis extension legs ( from crossmember forwards), oil cooler, Fibreglass bonnet assembly. Slight damage to left rear wing & back pannel.
No damage appears to have affected the steering or suspension geometry.
This is a very quick car !!

Lenham GT body available fitted or parts supplied.
Steves notes : I have spent many a happy race close to Norman. I didn't see the damage, but it doesn't sound too severe.
Price :

Owner :
Location : UK
Details :1971 MG Midget
A very sound Race/Rally car. Standard Midget sillhouette with a lightweight "works" hardtop. British Racing Green with a Olde English White stripe.
Rear Roll cage, competition seat & belts. Mota-lita steering wheel, But the rest of the interior is fully trimmed to a very good standard. ( Original drivers seat is included in the sale)
1330 cc , twin S.U.'s Competition exhaust. Modified head & cam etc etc
Full lowered suspension with Nylatron offset trunion bushes, new brakes & wheel bearings. Alloy Wheels.
Ideal first car, offered is race ready condition.

Steves notes : I don't know the car.
Price :

Antoine van Reets Race Frogeye
Antoine's Frogeye leads the "pack"

Owner :
Location : Belgium
Details :Austin Healey Frogeye/Bugeye Sprite
Fibreglass front & rear body sections. Very sound body. No rot ( US import ). Former SCCA racer. Finished in bright red. Recent repaint.
Open car , with full rollcage, special half tonneau cover & short full-length windscreen in perspex.
1380 cc engine, 7 1/4" sintered clutch. Close ratio gearbox, Limited slip diff. Competition halfshafts. Special top trunnions. Lastest spec shocks. Rose jointed radius arms.
Lots of "trick-bits"
Recent brake rebuild.
Offered in race ready condition.

Steves notes : This car set pole position in Le Mans in 2000. I believe Malcolm Self originally rebuilt it & if you know Malcolm's standard of work you'll know how good it is ( & the shade of red it is painted !)
Price :

Gren Duffy's racer

Owner :
Location : UK
1380 CC engine. Twin Webbers
Jack Knight gearbox
Wishbone / rose jointed / telescopic front suspension
"A" frame / coil-over rear suspension
Big discs / Minifins plus balance bar
10 inch rims new slicks (2 races) + Wet
Competition half shafts
Basically all the right bits

Car built by Graham Smeaton and Shaun Rainford.
Engine and gearbox rebuilt (Peter May) last year
Fully sorted and competitive

Front Row at wet Oulton. 3rd and 4th at Spa
Steves notes : Not FISC legal, but a quick race car for the FADS series.
Price :

You will not find a prettier frogeye than this !!

Owner :
Location : Düsseldorf, Germany
Details : Austin Healey Sprite Mk1 ( Frogeye / Bugeye ), 1960, 998cc Motor, Very light car, in perfect condition, Limited Slip Diff, Short Diff ( 4.2 ?) Fibreglass front end, FIA Papers.
Steves notes : This is the best looking race Spridget I have ever seen. You will be hard pushed to find a road going car in better condition.
Price :


Owner :SOLD
Location : Milton Keynes, UK
Details :2003 Group A Championship winning car
Built "as new" for the 2002 season with EVERYTHING new and the best available at a cost of £16,500+

MED 1460cc engine, twin Webbers, straight cut "dog box", F3 clutch etc etc …………

11 starts to date in 2003 - 11 pole positions and 10 consecutive race wins

Simply the best available

Steves notes :Not much chance of making this FISC legal, But you'll never find a faster race ready Midget.

Price :£ Offers
Contact :SOLD

Owner :SOLD
Location : UK
Details :MG 1500 MIDGET PETER ST. BARBE's MG 1500 MIDGET as raced in MGOC class 'A'
and suitable for PHEONIX, and CLASS 'C' COCKSHOOT championships.
RACE WINS & led at all bar one MGOC 2003 rounds.
Reason for sale - changing formulas.

Steves notes :Unfortunately 1500 Midgets are not FISC legal.

Price :SOLD
Contact :SOLD

Malcolm's car Malcolm's car Malcolm's dash

Owner :SOLD
Location : Norfolk, UK
Details :Sebring fronted Fibreglass Frogeye.
As raced last year at Spa with FISC
1380cc Swiftune full race engine
gearbox jack knight s/cut
all right bits for fisc or cockshoot etc

Steves notes :Malcolm does say too much in his description above. If you want to read about this car read the Spa report from 2003. Admitedly he was running underweight & on sticky tyres, but this is a quick car. It trounced everyone to win or come in the top 5 every time ( & he started from the back !). It has been used twice since then.

Price :SOLD
Contact :SOLD

Contact :SOLD
Location : Paris, France
Details :1963 MG Midget
Very early Mk1 Midget . Race prepared in the UK .

Specification includes :-
1340cc race prepared engine with Forged Pistons .
Fully balanced, nitrided crankshaft .
Competition clutch .
Weber DCOE 45 .
Competition exhaust .
Straight cut / close ratio gearbox .
LSD Quaife differential .
Large front disc brakes, Alfin rears .
Uprated front lever arm shocks telescopic on the rear .
Full six point roll-cage .
Corbeau race seats .
Glass Fibre wings and bonnet .
6J Revolution Alloy wheels .
UK registered with V5 documents .

Steves notes :Jim told me this is an Ex-Halfords race car.From the description, you'd have to change the brakes & rear shock absorbers to make it FISC legal. The current wheels are also too wide ( you can easily sell them though ). Looks like a great basis for a FISC race car. ( Or a surprisingly quick road car )
Price :SOLD
Contact :SOLD

Owner :SOLD
Location :UK
Details :MG Midget

The car was built from a heritage bodyshell, fully seam welded and fitted with a full Safety Devices cage in 1994.

Initially run in the MGOC Championship and won the Class A Championship in 1996.

The car was then completely rebuild in 1999/2000 to be fully FISC legal.

Spec as follows:

Fiberglass front wings, bonnet and hardtop.
SPA Design 4 litre electrical fire extinguisher.
Sparco seat with Willans 3" harness.
ATL 30 litre Saver Cell.
4.2 LSD
Panhard Rod.
Competition half shafts.
MRM front suspension tie bar kit.
Tilton pedal box with dual master cylinders.
Jack Knicht 'dog' box fitted with concentric clutch slave cylinder.
KN Minator alloy wheels.

1380cc built by Slark Race Engineering.
45DCOE Webber.
Lightweight flywheel with Tilton Clutch.
Lucas electronic ignition.

A very competetive car that was put on poll at Snetterton for the 2001 FISC race.
Price :SOLD
Contact :SOLD

Owner :SOLD
Location : Dresden, Germany
Details :1959 Lenham Coupe
Austin Healey Sprite Lenham Coupe LHD,
GTM class winning car,
Full race App. K GTS,
FIA Papers,
1000 cc + complete 2nd engine both EN40B,
45 DCOE Weber,
Peter May rebuilt straight cut gearbox,
4.5 and 4.8 Diffs. both limited slip,
Weight 595 Kg,

Price :SOLD
Contact :SOLD

Owner : SOLD
Location : UK
Details :1972 MG Midget

Engine 1338cc 98 BHP at rear wheels on a conservative rolling road.
Micro Dynamic rev limiter, race coil and electronic ignition system.
Fully welded in six point Roll Cage (Aley Bars)
Uprated suspension and nylatron bushes all round (Spax adjustable at rear)
Revolution wheels (6J I seem to remember) and sticky Dunlop D98's included.
Foam Filled petrol tank and hi capacity fuel pump. Weber 40 DCOE.
Braided Hoses throughout.
Plumbed in Extinguisher.
3" wide six point race harness.
Recent paint work to FISC presentation.

Third on road at Zandvoort, fourth on road at Le Mans.
Price : SOLD
Contact : SOLD

Owner : SOLD
Location : UK
Details :FROGEYE SPRITE - AHC class E and MGCC group

professionally built in 1998 for AHC class E and MGCC group B,
raced at SPA as FISC guest in 2002.
Full race 1380cc,
sccr (Hardy engineering) gearbox,
F3 clutch,
split webers,
Compomotive split rim wheels,
fully adjustable suspension,
drilled vented dash adjustable disks,
Stack data logging/lap timer dash display,
Roll-Centre integrated cage.

Immaculate ready to race condition.

Price : SOLD

Contact :SOLD

Racing Frogeye

Owner :SOLD
Location : UK
Details :1960 Racing Sprite
F.I.A. and H.S.C.C. Papers
Full Race 1330cc & 998
Two Gearboxes, one with close ratio S/C Gear
Three sets of Wheels & Tyres
Two Hardtops
Full Roll Cage
Internal Extinguisher
Very Competitive & Road Legal too !
Complete with 4 Wheel Trailer

Price :SOLD
Contact :SOLD

Stéphane's Racing Midget

Owner :SOLD
Location : UK
Details :FISC Spec 1970 Midget
A very smart car. Fitted with fibreglass bonnet assembly & lightweight "works" style hardtop. Perspex windows all round ( Except front screen which is laminated glass ). Full Roll cage. Sparco Seat. 5 point 3" race seatbelts. "Monster" tacho with tell-tale & shift light.
1380 CC Engine. Alloy flywheel, 7 1/4" sintered metal clutch.
Close ratio Straight cut gearbox.
Recent brake re-build.
Full Competition suspension, with Nylatron bushes.
All Other parts rebuilt or replaced e.g. rack & pinnion, wiring etc etc.

The car was run & supported by "G.B.P." for 1999 & 2000, no expense spared.
Offered in a race ready condition.

Steves notes : I like this car. A very nice & neat car. Click on the pic above for a great blow-up of it !
Price :SOLD
Contact : SOLD

Owner :SOLD
Location : UK
Details :Austin Healey MkI Sprite - Class E, AHC Race Car
1958 - WSY 164
Winner of Modified Sprite Class: 96,97,98,99,00,01
23 Pole Positions; 13 Outright Wins; 26 Class Wins; 6 Lap Records
1380cc Peter May Engineering A-Series Full Race Engine
Tran-X 5-speed T75 Gearbox
Tran-X 3.9 LSD
Fully Aeroquipped Brake and Fuel Systems

Brian James 'Minno' Trailer
Double Axle; Winch; Spare Wheel; Braked
2 Years old

Avon ACB10's; Yokohama CR21's; Avon Turbospeed CR28's (Sport)
Standard 1275 Gearbox; 998 Gearbox
Diffs 3.9 & 4.2
Various discs, drums, callipers, hoses, pads, shoes
etc, etc

Contact :SOLD

Owner :SOLD
Location : UK
Details :FADS / Phoenix Class C Spec Car (road going)
Ex-Peter Hall championship winning car, that has not been used on the track for the last 2 years.
The car is well sorted & generally tidy but could do with a bit of work to make it really pretty.
Gathercole engine & strong rebuilt gearbox.

Price :SOLD
Contact :SOLD

Rupert's car

Owner : SOLD
Location : London , UK
Details : MG Midget Mk1 ( Lenham Bonnet ). 1963. THE FASTEST MIDGET IN THE FISC SERIES. 2nd overall in 1999 and 2000. Prepared with no expense spared. 5 pole positions and 4 wins in 2000, 2 lap records. No mechanical failures. Full spec, available immediatly. Race ready. Peter May engineered. Recent rolling road test and full gearbox rebuild.
Steves notes: This car has proved itself to be a constant race winner and was one of the cars to beat in the 1999 & 2000 series. ( Rupert is a pretty good driver as well !).
Price : SOLD
Contact :SOLD

Dave's car

Owner : SOLD
Location : Kent, England


Could you win with this car?
MG Midget 1973 shell. Total shell rebuild early 2000. All major strength parts replaced.
Fibreglass rear end, doors and front.
1380cc engine - all the best parts used.
SCCR gearbox
Very fast and reliable car - just look at its race results for the last two years! Always finishing on the podium and winning the series twice.
Steves notes: I can't really add any more... This car has proven to be a winner. It is not just down to horsepower, you'll find it hard to find a better setup car than this.
Price :SOLD
Contact : E-mail : SOLD

Finish this & win the series ! Or build an excellent road car

Owner : SOLD
Location : Nr Cambridge, UK
Details :MG Midget - All new International Spridget project.
New Heritage shell
All new suspension
1380 Engine and straight cut close ratio box
Competition half shafts
GRP body panels
Many more parts
Price : SOLD
Contact :SOLD

Location : Krefeld, Germany
Details :1966 A/H Sprite
- Very, very nice condition - near mint
- Full race conversion
- New black paint
- Full roll cage welded in going into the boot area around the safety full cell
- Two fuel pumps and filters mounted in boot (one as a spare)
- Suspension to "FISC" rules
- Panhard rod
- Rear Avo shocks and anti tramp bars(with rod ends) can easily be removed, standard style comp. shocks are available
- Brakes to "FISC" rules, plus big brake conversion kit available
- Full aluminum high back seat
- Aluminum dashboard with all new instruments
- Extra fibreglass one piece front
- Removable steering wheel
- Comp. axles
- Three sets of wheels(5.5 and 6")
- Two diffs. 4.2(welded)
- One limited slip(still in the box)
- One close-ratio gearbox(rebuilt)
- One standard gearbox(rebuilt)
- One engine 1380 with dyno-sheet and complete Formula 3 clutch set up / 3 races (ex-Michael Harder)
- One engine 1293 with Farndon flywheel / modified clutch cover and Tilton disc / will be finished soon
- Belt conversion
- 45 Weber carb.
- Maniflow exhaust manifold
- Comptune 3 into 1 ( jet hot coated ) manifold

There is a lot more to tell about the car . Most parts are new or reconditioned and plenty of spares are available with the car.
Steves notes: I don't know this car at all, but it has a comprehensive Spec. list.
Price :SOLD
Contact :SOLD

Looks good & goes like stink !

Owner : SOLD - You missed a cracker !
Location : Nr Cambridge, UK
Details : Austin Healey Sprite Mk1 ( Frogeye / Bugeye ), 1960, With all the best parts. Profesionally built especially for the FISC race series. Probably the Most competetive Frog in Europe.
Steves notes : Sorry I have no further details on this car. But I have driven behind it & can vouch for it's speed. It did a 3:13:55 at Spa in 1999 ( Ave. speed 129 kmh - slick cars Ave 144....). It is pretty & quick ! The more eagle-eyed of you will have noticed, that this is the car driving across the FISC logo at the top of this , and other pages .....
Price : SOLD
Contact : SOLD

Rolf's Midget - Sorry no blow up for this one

Owner : SOLD
Location : Holland
Details : MG Midget. 1380 Race Engine, straight cut gearbox, LSD. Safety Fuel tank mounted in the boot. Fibreglass front end.
Steves notes: The only details I have for this car are listed above. The car raced with FISC for a few years & was very quick. It has, however not been raced in the FISC series, & therefore I haven't seen it, for the last few years. I do know that it was sucessfully raced in the Dutch Healey Competitions. The car WAS fully FISC legal.
Price : SOLD
Contact : SOLD

A very reliable car with heaps of potential .. A very reliable car with heaps of potential ..

Owner : SOLD
Location : Scotland
Details : MG Midget 1969 British Racing Green. Used for fast road, sprints or race. 1293 cc, Race Cam, 45 Weber, Race Halfshafts and lowered suspension, oil cooler, fire system, etc Ideal for FISC . Please contact for more details.
Steves notes : I raced against this car in the 2000 series. 2000 was its first year of use on a race track. Till then the car was used for sprints & hillclimbs. Andy tells me the cars was fitted with new 1/2 shafts, Petrol system, Clutch hydraulics, Disks & Drums for 2000. This car did not require any trackside maintenance in 2000 ( apart from the obligatory brakes & fluids checks ). & finished every single race it started. Whilst not the quickest car out there it is certainly one of the most reliable. AND it is road legal !! Another great car to start your FISC racing career with.
Price : SOLD
Contact : SOLD

A well known car & ready to race....

Owner : SOLD
Location : CS MAARN, Holland
Details : MG Midget Mk II. Regular FISC competitor & MG Competitions class winner in 2000. RHD, Peter May engineered. Steel body with a fibreglass front end & hardtop. Fully balanced Peter May race engine delivering 145 BHP which has never had a mechanical problem. Recently overhauled. 45 DCOE Weber, Alloy Cam belt drive with vernier, 1.5:1 roller rockers, Alloy rocker cover, Electronic ignition, Race distributor.Dual adjustable braking system. KN Minator wheels ( Minilite look-a-like). 4 steel wheels (with rain tyres). Heavy duty race clutch & cover, SCCR gearbox ( Jack Knight ratios), front cover has an oil seal. 3.9:1 LSD Diff. Competition halfshafts, Spax adjustable shocks ( With Armstrong lever arms also available). Rose-jointed Panhard rod kit. 5 point FIA rollcage, FIA Seat Harness, FIA Seat. New rev limiter. New Fire extinguishing system & sealed battery system. Trailer with winch & spare tyre available.
Available at extra cost a complete spares package for the cage
Carel is prepared to provide engineering help to the new owner for the 1st season.
Steves notes : Due to illness Carel is being forced to hang up his helmet. As you can see from the specifications this car is complete & ready to race. This is an Ex-Peter May race car & was very sucessfully driven by Peter. A great car to start your FISC racing career with.
Price : SOLD
Contact : SOLD