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FISC Catering
The Spridget Café - Where good friends meat & eat.

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One of things that makes FISC stand out from the competition is the track catering. The Catering & Spridget Café are looked after by or own dedicated catering crewe. Jan-Willem Koemans (Cook), Gerda Lindemann ( Gerda is said like "Heather" ), Ton van Loon, Willem Mesman & Anne-Marie Bakker. They are volunteers & are not paid for their services. I would like to take this chance to thank each of them publicly.

Jan-Willem Koemans
Our Cook Jan-Willem Koemans

All I can say is that the food really is EXCELLENT.

As a regular FISC member (or Weekend member) your food & drinks for the entire weekend are FREE. Each team may bring 4 people. (bring your wife & Mother-in-Law ?). Should this not be enough you can buy extra vouchers for a minimal fee.
I should also say that you are of course free to go into town & try the local cuisine & culture. But to be honest most FISC members tend to stay at the track, The food really is that good & you can discuss the best racing lines to take whilst you eat & drink.

The Café is heated when cold and the sides can be removed when its hot. It's dry and can comfortably accomodate upto 70 people. Usually you can find someone there for a conversation/laugh. It really is the focal point of FISC's very amicable & active social scene.

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The Spridget cafe

Below is an overview of the Food that was presented to us during the previous season.

The Bar Open all day from approx. 8.30 till 00:00 (or later !)

Coffee & tea, beverages, draft beer, white & red wine.
Don't Drink Alcohol & Drive !!! - This will not be tolerated

English & Continental breakfast 8.30 - 10.00

Fresh baked rolls, scrambled eggs, bacon, tomatoes,
marmelade, cheese, ham, orange juice, coffee and English tea.

Lunches 12.00 - 14.00

1st day; different pasta's, chicken curry and rice, chili con carne.
2nd day; salad bar, fresh rolls with cheese or ham, eggs.

Dinner 19.00 - 21.00

- Vegetarian meals available on request
- Pork fillet with green pepper sauce
- Turkey fillet with French Brie and peaches
- Asparagus with grilled salmon & sauce Hollandaise
- Asparagus with boiled ham, eggs, patatoes & butter sauce
- Chicken fillet with three cheese sauce
- Lamb racks with herb sauce
- Lamb fillet with sauce 'grand veneur'
- PaŽlla
- Indonesian dish
- Cordon blue & Wiener schnitzel
- Turkey fillet with mushroom sauce
- Pork fillet with stroganoff sauce
- Züricher geschnetzeltes

- & Extra for children hamburger or chicken fillet with french fries

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The Spridget Cafe when it's warm