MG Midget and Austin Healey Sprite racing at its best

The pictures on this page have been supplied by Site visitors. ( Due to space restrictions they may not expand) If you'd like a picture of your own Race Spridget, Send me one. Include a few details on yourself & your race series. If you have a web site give me the address & I'll add it to our links page.
Happy Racing !

Robert Kansa / Mary Kansa / Lena Flaherty - USA

Robert sent me a picture if his 1960 Sprite, nicknamed "Tinkerbell". It runs with a 1275 engine & is road legal.
The team is known as "Southwind Racing" ( I get that after a "bean" sesion )


Ron Sorensen / Bobbie Eyrich - USA
Ron Sorensen (Purple Frogeye) & Bobbie Eyrich (Orange Bugeye).
Both cars here run 948 Engines. & Ron asked me to point out that he beat Bobbie in this race ! Ron Sorensen beating Bobbie Eyrich

Mark Weber - USA
Mark is a professional race photographer. He runs both 1098 & 1275 engines in his Sprite. ( No NOT at the same time !) & as you can see is succesful against MGB's & BMW's.
Mark Weber racing Mark Weber winning !

Tony Wilson-Spratt - UK
Tony's father built these very rare sprites. For more details see the WSM Page
Tony Wilson-Spratt in his WSM at Oulton Park Tony Wilson-Spratt in his WSM at Castle Combe

Jukka Selenius - Finland

Jukka has just finished his first season racing in Finlandīs GULF HISTORIC CUP in group F (pre -66).

This was a "break-in" season in more than one way. He blew head gaskets in the first 2 races. When it blew for a 3rd time a Mini 1000 racer suggested that the water pump was stopping the head from sitting properly. The block had been "decked", just enough to lift the head.

The end result was that the engine boiled within 2 minutes of starting.

Having sorted these problems Jukka has a few changes planned for 2003. An Abdington 649 "original" race cam and Weber 45 DCOE because the existing 40 Weber couldn't deliver enough fuel above 5950 rpm.

New 500 lb front springs will replace the existing 400 lb items & a thicker anti-roll bar should combat the body roll.

Jukka seems to drive quicker with a car that understeers

A straight cut gear set should get more power to the tyres.

10 kilos will be shed just by changing the battery.

Jukka says "My Healey starts from the grid like a blizzard and I collect 4-6 cars during the starting stright. I have a bevel type , Detroit LSD and it works beautifully. Really nice to rely that when the locker is on, it really is on, and in tight situations it is easy to accelerate and steer. It also helps me start really fast. Making the car lighter (last summer it weighed 650 kilos) helps it to accelerate even faster. Looks good and it is great fun to race AH Sprite!"
Jukka Selenius Race Midget

Hervé Lequippe - France

Hervé drives in the French Maxi 1000 series. This series is restricted to historic cars under 1150 cc.
He has been racing this car since 1999, before this it was owned by Claude Gery of Paris & ran for a few years as a FISC car.
The car is maintained by Rae Davis.
Hervé Leqippe's Race Midget Hervé Leqippe's Race Midget

Tom Styczynski - Maryland , USA

Tom purchased #38 in 1999. It had been retired from competition in 1974 and parked in the back of the previous owners shop. The car was complete and even started before he embarked on the preparation for vintage racing.

The chassis was rust free, strongly indicating that the car was converted to race trim at time of purchase. Tom has added only safety improvements including a new racing seat, improved roll bar, fuel cell and dual braking system.

He hopes to be on the track in 2003.

Tom Styczynski's Race Bugeye Tom Styczynski's Race Frogeye