THE race series for you racing Midget or Sprite

Below is a brief overview of the main regulations.
This should not be taken as a replacement for the official regulations.
It is purely intended as an "internet introduction". If you need the full set of Regs please Click here .
  • Any officially recognised Midget/Sprite silhouette is allowed. With the exception of 1500cc shapes (NO rubber bumpers !)
  • Body shells may not be strengthened more than original - No space frame chassis.
  • Standard Brake components MUST be used with the sole exception of Master cylinder, fluid ,pads & shoes.
  • The Engine MUST be built around an A-series block (1500 cc not allowed !), using a cast iron head, (original Austin casting). No Injection systems allowed. Engine stroke my not be modified.
  • Original period superchargers are allowed on 1000cc engined cars. (they will then run under 1275/1380 cc rules)
  • The Gearbox MUST be built around an original smooth or ribbed case. Internals are free, but shift pattern must follow original "H" shape.
  • The Engine & Gearbox must remain in their original locations.
  • The Differential must be in an original casing. Ratios are free.
  • Max allowed wheel width is 5".
  • All cars must run the FISC control tyre Bridgestone B330 155/70R13 75T.
  • The wheelbase of the car cannot be modified.
  • The Max. permitted track width is 122 cm (front) & 121 cm (rear)
  • 1275/1380 cc Engined cars must weigh at least 750 Kg (including driver) at the end of each practice/race.
  • 1000 cc Engined cars have no weight restrictions.
  • 1275/1380 Engined cars must use a rev limiter, set to 7,200 rpm. This will be lent, free of charge, to each driver by FISC at each race.
  • With the exception of the exhaust & tyres, no part of the car may be closer than 10cm to the ground.


What are my membership options ?
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How much does it cost ?
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