THE race series for your racing Midget or Sprite

SPA World Record Event
16-17-18 May 2003
"NEAFP No. DMSB 000/2003"

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In 2001 We set motorracing history when we held a race with 56 Spridgets. We had drivers from, the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden & Italy.

We are attempting to beat our own record in 2003.

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The format will be different from previous years successes. So all neccessary details are listed below.

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Race details

The 2003 event consists of one 20min. qualifying session on the Friday and three 25-30min. races on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning.
Total track time is 100 min's on the best F1 Grand Prix circuit in the world.

Cars will line up according to qualifying times. Independent from your own skills and speed, race length will be guaranteed to be 25-30 min's for each driver.

FISC insists on a fair and gentlemanlike driving conduct.
All cars will be checked on contact damage after each qualifying & race.


Guest cars can come and race as they are. For this event 1500 Midget models are accepted. Just about the only restrictions are that your Spridget must be a competition car & run on road tyres (max. 185). Basic safety regulations must be respected! You must have a valid National race licence , helmet & Nomex race suit.

We can accept up to 62 cars to take the green light for the race. Entries are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

1) Should this be your first ever FISC event, then you are invited absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. This is an ideal introduction to the FISC Euro Tour Trophy. Ferry crossings are available at a discounted price or you are free to make your own travel arrangements. To qualify for a FREE Race Weekend, you must be new to FISC.

To make this clear here, if you drove in Spa, as a HALFORDS/FADS driver, YOU STILL QUALIFY FOR A FREE RACE. If you are in any doubt please contact your local country representative (via the CONTACT US page ).

2) Have you raced with FISC before? Then you can enter this event as a "Guest Driver".
Again ferry crossings are available at a discounted price or you are free to make your own travel arrangements.

3) FISC Euro Tour Trophy drivers are automatically entered. There is no extra cost for this event.

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Prizes & Memorabilia

Safety-Scrutineering / Licence Check

All checks and administration will be carried out in the FISC paddock area, from Thursday evening starting at 20:00 until late in the evening.

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Catering & Hospitality

Entry to the Spridget Café, starting on Friday morning 16 May through to Sunday 18th May, is included in the event free of charge. ALL meals and drinks are included. Catering includes English & Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Drinks (coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer, red & white wine) for 4 people. Tickets are available for extra team-members at club prices.
I don't really need to explain how good FISC Catering & Hospitality is, it is plastered all over this site. But if you weren't there last year....... Just imagine a comfortable dry dining area, good food ( bloody excellent actually !) and upto 100 drivers & guests all chatting, drinking & generally having a good time !

Spridget café Spridget café

Ferry crossings

For drivers based in the UK, Ferry Crossings using the P&O Stena Line connection Dover <-> Calais are available. Our price includes your tow vehicle or motor home plus racecar and trailer and 4 people.
Times & dates of crossing are un-restricted, so you can take a few days holiday & make a short holiday of the event.
This cost is extra to your entry fee, but I doubt if you will find a cheaper way of getting across the channel.
You are however, free to make your own travel arrangements, should you so choose.
Again FISC Euro Tour drivers - This is already included in your entry fee.

Please book your Ferry before April 28th.


If you are not sure at what time you will be travelling, just fill out a time between 12.00 and 24.00 hours. This will enable you to take any boat, whether in the morning, afternoon or evening without running the risk of any delays.

Ferry Booking form


FISC Service Price
  New Driver Guest Driver FISC Member
Entry Fee (three 25"-30" races) Free €uro 700 Free
Ferry Crossing Dover/Calais v.v. for your tow car, trailer & race car incl. 4 persons €uro 299 €uro 299 Free
Extra ferry passages per person €uro 29
Entry tickets incl. your breakfast, lunch, dinner & drinks for - any part of - the full weekend (3 days) for 4 persons Free
Extra entry tickets per person €uro 49

Test Us

Come & test FISC at Spa. Should you decide you want more, you can upgrade to Mini Tour (3 events = 6 races), by simply paying the difference in the entry prices. Eight teams did this in 2002 !

Substitute Drivers

Although, once you have registered for this event, your entry is fixed, you may at any time nominate a substitute driver/car to take your place.


  • If you've never raced with FISC before, you can race FOR FREE !
    Use the Free Race form
  • If you'd like to race with us as a guest driver
    Use the - Guest Driver application form
  • Euro Tour members don't have to do anything
    - you are automatically entered for this event

  • Fill out your form & fax it ( Before 28 April please ) to the number shown on the form. ( It may take a few seconds to download the form - please be patient)


    Obviously not neccessary if this is a FREE RACE for you !

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    Don't miss this chance to take part in a piece of history or the chance to race at one of the greatest Grand Prix Circuits in the World.

    If you want to read the report from the 2001 event Click here

    If you want to read the report from the 2002 event Click here