THE race series for you racing Midget or Sprite


FISC - 5th Race weekend
13-14-15 September 2002
Dijon (Formula 1 circuit) - France

Permit No. DMSB 225/2002.

Dijon Circuit Map

Circuit length 3.800 km / 2.360 miles

Race Details

Thursday 12 September
From 16.00H - admittance to circuit

Friday 13 September
From 10.00H - checking in & scrutineering in FISC paddock
Testing at 45.- / first come - first served
08.30 - 09.30H - Testing #1
09.35 - 10.35H - Testing #2
10.40 - 11.40H - Testing #3
14.30 - 14.50H - Qualifying #1 (gridpositions for Round 8)
17.00 - 17.20H - Qualifying #2 (gridpositions for Round 9)

Saturday 14 September
12.00H - Drivers briefing
15.45H - pre grid
16.05H - 1st Race / Round 8 - 16 laps
17.05H - Prizegiving

Sunday 15 September
10.25H - pre grid
10.45H - 2nd Race / Round 9 - 16 laps
11.45H - Prizegiving

FISC Lap Record
2001 - Ian Hulett - AH Sprite Mk IIB 1965
1.43.886 - 131.93 KPH / 82.46 MPH

Guest Drivers
Cars do NOT have to comply with FISC Regulations.
Payment 650.- cash on arrival.
Registering is easy!
Send your confirmation BEFORE Monday 9 September to

Your ferry travel Dover-Calais-Dover for 2 adults is FREE of CHARGE.
Children (0-14 yrs) are welcome FREE of CHARGE.
First 10mtrs for your tow-car incl. trailer & race-car are FREE of CHARGE.
Extra metres length cost 35.- / Extra tickets for team members cost 27.50

Booking your ferry is easy!
Click Here

Coming from the North (A31) take exit "5" (Dijon-Nord) and follow the "N74" south.
In Dijon take the ring-road anti-clockwise towards "Darois" (N71).
Just before you reach the "Darios" airport, turn left towards "Prenois" (D104).
The circuit is located on the left after a couple of miles (follow the signs).
You can enter the circuit on Thursday after 16:00.
You can also use the Route planner to work out a Route ( Tip: use Prenios as your destination & not Dijon ). To do this visit the Links Page.

Your Spridget on your trailer is your entry ticket.

For your convenience all checks and administration will be carried out on the Friday from 10.00H in the FISC paddock.
Driving & Racing licence check / Rev limiter / Transponder / Damage / Eligibility & Safety scrutineering

Hospitality & Catering Service for 2 adults are available FREE of CHARGE.
Children (0-14 yrs) are welcome FREE of CHARGE.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner & unlimited drinks are offered during the day.
You are welcome to join in for a drink from Thursday evening.
Meals will be served from Friday morning.

Extra catering vouchers for - any part of - the weekend (3 days) cost 75.- / adult.
Prices include your FREE entry to the circuit & paddock.

Please leave your table as you found it.
Everyone - Just muck in & help.
Please tidy your plates, cutlery and cups away at the end of each meal.
Someone else will wash them, you just have to bring them back.
Don't throw away empty soft drink bottles!
Bottles have a deposit on them and must be returned to the supplier.

Touristoffice Dijon
Tel. 0033 (0)3 80 44 11 44 - Fax 0033 (0)3 80 30 90 02
E-mail - Website
There is some room around the paddock, although I can't think of any grass.

FISC Notes
I still love this track. It is ( In my humble opinion) better than any other track we drive (have driven) on ! It has all the "good" bits of the Nordschleife ( fast bends, slow bends , HILLS !) & is a "normal lap" so you can build up your rythmn, confidence & speed ! Everytime I drive here I have to think of the 1979 Grand Prix driven here where René Arnoux & Gilles Villeneuve drove for lap after lap next each other Banging wheels. They finished 2nd & 3rd in the race & both said it was a great race. I can't imagine any F1 drivers doing that nowadays !
The paddock area is completely tarmacked. There are ample water & electricty outlets.
BUT I am no too impressed with the Paddock facilities. Time for modernisation & investment I feel.
There are some great spectating areas here and there are usually some great races on at this event.
The max. permitted towing speed with a trailor in France is 130 KM/H on a motorway, 110 KM/H on a dual carraige, 90 KM/H on "normal" roads & 50 Km/H in built up areas. Motorway & Dual carraige speeds are reduced by 20 KM/H if it is raining /wet
There is NO LEADED petrol in France. But LRP is available. LRP is usually in Blue pumps & is called "Super".(it contains Pottasium additives) Unleaded is "Sans Plomb" usually followed by the Octane rating 95 = Super in UK, 98 = Super Plus in UK.
Fuel prices are MUCH higher on Motorways
Be careful when trying to pay with credit cards. A lot of French petrol stations expect your credit card to have a chip in it & Non-chipped cards will not be accepted/recognised. This is especially true of the supermarkets, where the fuel is cheapest.
You can pay any motorway charges with a "normal" credit card (I always do).