FISC - 2nd Race weekend 2002
Coupe de France
Magny Cours (Formula 1 circuit) - France
31 May / 1-2 June 2002.

Race Details - 2002
Friday 31 May
17.00 - 20.00 testing sessions of 30 min's at 25,- Euro.

Saturday 1 June
10.15 - 10.30 1st Qualifying
10.30 - 10.45 2nd Qualifying

13.00 - Drivers briefing (FISC tent)
15.00 - Race #1 & Prizegiving

Sunday 19 May
11.30 - Race #2 & Prizegiving

FISC Lap Record
Peter Brieskorn - AH Sprite Mk I - 2.17.38 (1996)

Guest Drivers
Come and play with us. Cars do not necessarily have to comply with FISC Regulations.
For your registration form see the FISC Forms page or fax +31 (0)252 672 857

Follow the "N7" south of Nevers to Magny Cours.
Then take the "D 2000" direction "Parking Est".
From here you can enter the paddock area trough the "Entree Nord"
For a more detailed planner visit the Route planner from Shell on the links page.

Entry/Paddock Passes
No passes available. Your spridget on your trailer is your entry ticket.

Please check out the Official Magny Cours site for info. (via the LINKS page)

Camping sites
Plenty available.

Spridget Café
Everybody is welcome to join in for a drink from Thursday evening onwards.
Meals will be served from Friday morning.

Everyone - Just muck in & help.
Please tidy your plates, cutlery & cups away at the end of each meal.. (Someone else will wash them, you just need to bring them back)

Contact Administration
ALL cars will be checked on contact damage upon arrival and after each qualifying and race.

FISC Notes
Please note the qualifying session times. For those of you new to us, it looks like the same system we had in Le Mans. The best time set in the 1st 15 mins is your qualifying time for Race 1 & the best time in the second 15 mins is for the second race. You probably DON'T have to have a break between the 15 minute sessions. Just remember to have a good lap close to that start & close to the end of the session.

I would suggest that FISC ( not an individual team/driver ) arrange to have a clear signal displayed on the pit wall, so that every driver knows when the second practice session has started. (E.g. pick one of the teams pit boards & hang it out for 2 laps)

FISC haven't been here since 1996. This was my first EVER FISC race weekend. Every Formula 1 fan knows the track. As I remember it is quite a long way from the motorway. The Amenities were great. New showers, clean toilets & plenty of hot water.

The lap record is guaranteed to be SMASHED ! Nothing at all against Peter ( If you're reading this, How are you Peter ?) It's just that the cars (& drivers) have come on such a way in the last 7 years....

As I remember spectating is good ( as you'd expect from a current F1 track ) I had 7 stiches in my foot in 1996 & was "mechanicking", so I didn't drive or walk too far. But from the start of the pit lane, you can see a "tricky" chicane & there's a 90 bend onto the start finish line, so expect lots of late braking, opposite locking & daring overtaking moves...

The max. permitted towing speed with a trailor in FRANCE is 130 KM/H on a motorway, 110 KM/H on a dual carraige, 90 KM/H on "normal" roads & 50 Km/H in built up areas. Motorway & Dual carraige speeds are reduced by 20 KM/H if it is raining /wet.

Petrol & especially Diesel is MUCH cheaper in France than in the UK.

You can reach the Spridget Café directly by phone, dialling 0031 653 182 375. (NOTE: from Holland you dial 0653 182 375). - please only use this number for emergencies.