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FISC - 3rd Race Weekend 2002
BFGoodrich Langstreckenmeisterschaft
Nordschleife (Historic Formula 1 circuit) - Germany
26 - 27 July 2002.

Permit nr. t.b.a.

Nordschleife Circuit Map

Located near the B258, The circuit lies between the A1 Autobahn & the A61 Autobahn. West of Mayen/Koblenz.
You can also use the Route planner to work out a Route. To do this visit the Links Page.

Race Details - 2002

Friday 26 July
Untimed testing (€uro 125) 16:00 - 18:00
Payment made directly at the circuit.

Saturday 27 July
- 08:30 -09:00 - Qualifying
- 10:00 - Drivers Briefing in the Spridget Café
- 11:00 - 12:00 - FISC Race & Prizegiving

FISC Lap Record
Rupert Douglas-Pennant - 10:45:550 - 1.23.47 Km/h - 2000

Guest Drivers
Cars do not necessarily have to comply with FISC Regulations.
For your registration form see the FISC Forms page or fax +31 (0)252 672 857

Tickets/Paddock passes
Passes will be sent.

Available via the Circuit link on The Links Page

Camping sites
There are very few grass areas available inside the track itself. There are however plenty available outside the track ( no security there though !)

Spridget Café
Everyone just muck in & help.
You are welcome to join in for a drink from Thursday evening.
Don't throw empty bottles away! Most bottles have a deposit on them & have to be returned to the supplier.
Meals will be served from Friday morning.
Please tidy your plates, cutlery & cups away at the end of each meal.
Someone else will wash them, you just need to bring them back.
Tel. +31 (0)252 672 857 (emergencies only).

FISC Notes
This is the ultimate track in the world. If you are not sure.... back off. (Yeh right !!) There is little in the way of run-off areas. Since you only have 2 hours between qualifying & racing I suggest you don't damage your car in the qualifying session.
With this track your starting grid position isn't so important, there are literally millions of overtaking oportunities. Use qualifying to try to learn the track. Each bend is numbered. I have 2 mental lists in my head, 1 is for bends I can drive "flat out" & I mean Foot to the floor here ! ( Yes I take quite a few bends on the rev limiter - my lap time last year was 10:50:..), the other is for bends I have to brake for. All other bends are driven "On sight". If you use my system, for God's sake don't mix your lists !
I would also recommend paying & driving the practice on the Friday. But BE CAREFUL this is an open session & you will be driving at the same time as ANY closed car e.g. TVR Tuscan's, Racing Porsches, Racing BMW's. These guys don't hang about, so use your mirrors ! At the least you can drive the track & hopefully remember some of the fast & ( more importantly) the slow bends.
The old Phrase "To finish first, you must first finish" was written for this track !
2 hours on this track will seem like 20 minutes, and where else can you get 2 hours on a racing track for €uro 125 ( or about £80 !)
One year I recommened a 3.7 Diff for this track & someone actually followed my advice. They had a slower lap time !! However that said, I KNOW some of the front runners use a 3.7. Don't forget there is a 2 mile straight on this circuit & when you hit the rev limiter, there is NOTHING you can do to stop someone with a taller Diff. passing you.
Another friendly tip ( this obviously doesn't apply during the race), Since the lap times are so huge, if you see a FISC car stopped at the side of the track, I try to do 1 of 2 things. IF IT IS SAFE FOR ME, I'll stop & ask the driver If I can help ( I can get a tool/spanner from the pits & deliver it next lap round, I can bring 5 litres of fuel, etc), ALSO If I know their wife/girlfriend/family are there, I'll pop down the pit lane & tell them that their "loved-one" ( Or not so loved in some cases !) is safe & sitting , pissed-off, at the side of the track. It's bad enough on a 1 - 2 minute lap when someone "goes missing" But "missing" here can be for an hour or two & thats a long time if you're worried.

The max. permitted towing speed with a trailor in France is 130 KM/H on a motorway, 110 KM/H on a dual carraige, 90 KM/H on "normal" roads & 50 Km/H in built up areas. Motorway & Dual carraige speeds are reduced by 20 KM/H if it is raining /wet

The max. permitted towing speed with a trailor in Germany is 80 KM/H except in built up areas where it is 50 KM/H. The police wear guns ! German police cars are either unmarked or Green & White, and they use temporary speed traps on the motorway.

There is NO LEADED petrol or LRP in Germany. Lead additives are generally available at every petrol station & are called "Blei ersatz" Unleaded is "BleiFrei" usually followed by the Octane rating 91 = Normal ( Not available in the UK),95 = Super in UK, 98 = Super Plus in UK.
Most shops in Germany close just after lunch on Saturday, a few are open until 16:00 but don't bank on it.