THE race series for your racing Midget or Sprite


FISC - 4th Race Weekend
23-24-25 August 2002
Rounds 6 & 7
ADAC Noordzee Cup
Zandvoort GP circuit - Netherlands

Permit No. DMSB 204/2002

Zandvoort Circuit Map

Circuit length 4.3 km / 2.690 miles

FISC insists on a fair and gentlemanlike driving conduct.
All cars will be checked on contact damage upon arrival and after each qualifying & race.

Thursday 22 August
From 18.00H - admittance to circuit

Friday 23 August
From 10.00H - checking in & scrutineering in FISC paddock
From 12.00H - testing per 25min. session at 45.-
directly payable to the organizer
first come - first served

16.05 - 16.30H - FISC testing session (FREE of CHARGE ! )

Saturday 24 August
10.35 - 10.50H - Qualifying (gridpositions for Rounds 6 & 7)
12.00H - drivers briefing
15.55H - pre grid
16.15H - 1st race / Round 6 - 12 laps
17.05 - Prizegiving

Sunday 25 August
14.00H - pre grid
14.20H - 2nd race / Round 7 - 12 laps
15.20 - Prizegiving

2001 - David Shannon
AH Sprite Mk VI 1972
2.12.558 - 115.353 KPH / 72.06 MPH

Cars do NOT have to comply with FISC Regulations.
Payment 650.- cash on arrival.
Download your registration form from here
alternatively fax/e-mail your entry request to 0031 (0)252 672 857 /

Your ferry travel Dover-Calais-Dover for 2 adults is FREE of CHARGE.
Children (0-12yrs) are welcome FREE of CHARGE.
First 10mtrs for your tow-car incl. trailer & race-car are FREE of CHARGE.
Book your ferry crossing Here.

Extra metres length can be acquired at 35.-
Extra tickets for team members can be acquired at 27.50

Coming from the motorway A4 (Rotterdam or Amsterdam) take exit a.o. "Hoofddorp - N201" and follow this road towards "Heemstede".
In Heemstede follow the signs "Zandvoort" but stay on the N201. In Zandvoort follow the signs "circuit".
The circuit is located VERY close to the seafront at the northern boulevard.
You can also use the Route planner to work out a Route. To do this visit the Links Page.

Your Spridget on your trailer is your entry ticket.

For your convenience all checks and administration will be carried out on the Friday from 10.00H in the FISC paddock.
Driving & Racing licence check / Rev limiter / Transponder
Damage, Eligibility & Safety scrutineering

Hospitality & Catering Service for 2 adults are available FREE of CHARGE.
Children (0-12yrs) are welcome FREE of CHARGE.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner & unlimited drinks are offered during the day.
Everybody is welcome to join in for a drink from Thursday evening onwards.
Meals will be served from Friday morning.

Extra catering vouchers for (any part of) the weekend (3 days) cost 75.- / adult.
Prices include your FREE entry to the circuit & paddock.

Everyone - Just muck in & help.
Please note Except wine bottles, there is a deposit on the empty bottles. Do not throw them in the bin.
There are no waiters or waitresses, please tidy away after yourself.

Touristoffice Zandvoort
Tel. 0031 (0)23 5717 947 - Fax 0031 (0)23 5717 003
There are plenty of grass/sand areas available inside the track itself.

Steves Notes
These are my notes from last year (2001). I believe the ammeneties are pretty good.
Firstly, a few IMPORTANT notes about the circuit. There are STRICT quiet zones between Fri 18:00 <-> Sat 08:00 and Sat 18:00 <-> Sun 09:00. This means NO RUNNING ENGINES !
Although I believe loud laughter will be tolerated.
The Max allowed exhaust level is 98dbA
You will have to run with a transponder (details above)

A genuine inside tip from Pieter is to run a 3.9 Diff.
( A "not so genuine" inside tip from Steve : Pieter is probably using a 4.2 & will see you all at the finish !!)
The track is VERY close to the sea. Since you have (theoretically) all Sunday morning free, you can spend some time by the Sea & Sand. If the wind is blowing expect your car, tent , motorhome, clothes & the track to get covered in Sand !! Clean your air filter & expect a few hours of cleaning work once you get home again. The sand gets everywhere.
Its not called Zandvoort for nothing !
In 1997 & 2001 it rained whilst we were there & a few of the tents got flooded (I'll never forget seeing my mates air matress floating inside his tent !). Pick your spots wisely.
The max. permitted towing speed with a trailor in France is 130 KM/H on a motorway, 110 KM/H on a dual carraige, 90 KM/H on "normal" roads & 50 Km/H in built up areas. Motorway & Dual carraige speeds are reduced by 20 KM/H if it is raining /wet
The Max permitted towing speed in Holland is 80 KM/H with a trailer. (Yes even on the motorways !) - Ask Simon Page.
Sorry but I'm not aware of petrol prices or terms in Holland