MG Midget and Austin Healey Sprite racing at its best

FISC Drivers
These pages were originally intended to give a light hearted look at the drivers competing in the series.
If a drivers name is underscored you can just click & you'll see a profile of the driver.
However, I am now being asked to write about every team.... I CAN'T !! I don't know you all. So if there is no profile on you or your team, just drop me a line & I'll create a profile about you. It's as simple as that.
If anyone wants to send me material on the other drivers please feel free to do so. - Steve

The Drivers from 1997

This is a current list of the drivers registered for the 2003 season. Below this you will find a further list of some of the drivers who have previously driven with us. Drivers with - NEW next to their name, have registered with us for the first time this season.
Even though this list is quite large, we still have places available. Not every team will be racing at every circuit.
We are also racing at circuits that can accept upto 60 starters !

Euro Tour Trophy 2003
Pieter Bakker
Antonio Bertini
Rob Bierman
James Bilsland
Conrad Bos
Ian Burgin
Allan Cameron
Andrew Cameron - NEW
Alaister Chalmers
Steve Chapman
Jeff Culkin - NEW
Ernst DaniŽl
Hans Dullaert
Luuk Dullaert - NEW
Chris Evans
Richard Evans
John Faux
David Gibson
Jean-Michel Guermonprez
Robert Halewijn
Peter Hiley
Spadge Hopkins - NEW
John Hopwood
Ian Hulett
Ben Kap - NEW
Michel van Kooten
Phil Linfield - NEW
Mark Lister
Charles Marriott
Andrew McGee
John Moon
Hans Morisson - NEW
Simon Page
Alan Pettit - NEW
Antoine van Reet
Nicholas Rose
Michele Tomazzi - NEW
Max Tyler - NEW
Simon Wainwright - NEW
Ian Whitt
Ian Wright

Previous drivers include. (This list is not complete)
Someone pointed out that this list "could be embarassingly long ! ".
That's not the way it was meant.
It's a kind of " thank you " list & I've written profiles on some of the guys below, that I didn't want to discard. These are my guys I like & my friends. (If there isn't a profile on you below, it doesn't mean I don't like you, I'm just lazy !)

Tord Andersson
Pierre Aguettant
Andy Baillie
Jasper Bardon
Patrick van Broeck
David Brooker-Carey
Dave Brown
Stéphane Chassaing
Rae Davis
Tony Davis
Paul de Kuyper
Stéphane Devoucoux
Mark Dols
Rupert Douglas-Pennant
Steve Dowler
Gren Duffy
Terry Farman
Tim Forwood
David Gathercole
Jim Gotobed
Dave Grove
Michael Harder
Murray Henderson
Damon Hill
Mark Hope
Mick Hopkins
David Johnson
Ian Johnson
Carel Küthe
Elmon Larsson
Mick Mercer
Colin Offley
Dave O'Neill
Matthew Read
Paul Rodman
Harald Sailer
Norman Sailer
Achim Schneider
Dave Shannon
Jan-Jaap Schretlen
Pascal Schretlen
Malcolm Self
Gary Smith
Simon Small
Rolf Soesman
Simon Stanyer
David Stubbings
James Thacker
Peter Toes
Karel Traanberg
Eric vandeVelde
Steve Waddington
Andrew Wolf
Paul Woolmer